FROM THE WEEKEND - Summer breeze

Lately I am trying I spend a lot of time doing nothing just enjoying our wondeful roof-garden... 

...when we moved here 1,5 years ago it was totally empty but my boyfriend managed to  create an amazing green oasis here from scratch, honestly I didn't even want to rent out this place but it turned out so good and now I am so greatful to my green-thumb for this miracle

All the photos above by me via Instagram (to add me just click on the link or search for orsa_maggiore_vintage)

Btw in the past few weeks since I got a new job (and my boyfriend as well) I have less time to dedicate to my beloved Orsa Maggiore Vintage shop, so sorry about that!
It's still not easy for me to produce "relevant content" regularly here or to find the right balance between "strictly vintage" and more personal posts (sorry for the terms, another thing you probably don't know about me is my marketing-advertising background)...soooo I have a lot of plans and ideas to write about and I will do my best to keep this thing rolling!

I am planning to write more about my adventures in Rome, it would be great to write a Rome guide similar to the very cool Emma's design blog's Stockholm guide....and after our Stockholm trip probably I will write about it as well, like the beautiful Smitten studio's Smitten Travels. Both blogs are sooo good-looking...and you know what else do I read all the time lately? Bleubird and Greyandscout blogs, oh and another nice one is Marte Marie Forsberg's Le voyage creatif...I think I've found all these talented ladies on Instagram, that app is so inspiring

Oh and one more last, but very important thing - you really should listen to the brand new Daft Punk album, I am playing it in my iTunes literally all the time in the past two days

Feedbacks are really appreciated, please let me know what you think!

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