Recycle, repurpose, upcycle, reclaim - turn it to home decor!

How to turn all the beautiful old junk we were were collecting over the years to something useful but at least decorative?

Antique clothes, vintage textiles, industrial objects, old furniture or lovely collection of useless vintage household to bring new life into them? How to give them a new function?

You can call it recycling, upcycling, repurposing, reclaiming or being enviromentally friendly and going green, fancy words for the same feelings "please can I keep it?" "no way that I have to throw it out"

I was collecting some great home decor ideas how to recycle old treasures, and of course I will advice some etsy finds, gorgeous materials for the crafty and ready-to-use repurposed stuff for the lazier

Chic repurposed mirror from an antique door
more ideas to reuse old doors dishfunctionaldesigns 

recycled antique door

Unique bedside table by reusing old suitcases

bedside table reusing old suitcases

Lovely storage solutions from recycled vintage cans and jars
More ideas to repurpose jars bystephanielynn

reuse vintage tin boxes

repurpose kitchen storage old jars

Vintage wooden slad turned into hanging pot storage rack above the kitchen island
more upcycle decoration ideas from flea market finds on bhg

home decor reclaimed wood vintage sled kitchen rack

Create unique home decoration from your loved vintage scarfs - simply frame them or make pillows
more ideas to recycle vintage shawls sfair

vintage scarf as home decor framed or pillow

Clever toy storage solution from an old ladder
More ideas for old ladders poetichome

old ladder storage solution

Unique "naked" shelves from old crates
More ideas how to recycle crates designsquish

repurpose crate shelves storage

And the etsy finds

orsa maggiore
orsa maggiore

For more recycling ideas see my other posts

Let me know if you liked it!

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  1. I am totally surprise from your home decorating ideas. Such kind of tips are good to avoid wastage of item.

    Interior design

  2. thanks :) in my opinion if someone wants to furnish a house in a "green" way has to use as much vintage as possible
    it's also fun to come up with a new usage,to create a new life for an unused object in our home