Vintage for the kids?!

Yes for vintage toys! We love them! Sure! But can the kids really play with it? Do they like it by the way?! How to make a retro room for the little ones or shabby chic nursery?

This time I was collecting some great examples of vintage spaces for children, toys, furniture and wall decor ideas for the room of the next generation of vintage lovers!

Because, in my opinion, you couldn't start early enough to develop their sense of beauty, to create the need of having nice things and harmony around them...

Vintage toys on the wall like decopeques
Old toys are not always safe or just not so attractive for the kids -
but why don't we make gorgeous wall decor with them?

vintage toys on the wall

White vintage dreamland for the little girls like boligpluss
Beautiful, girly monochrome interior, with a vintage dollhouse made from an old cabinet, isn't it fabolous?

vintage girl bedroom

vintage dollhouse DIY

Vintage cowboy room for the boys  like lilsugar

Antique bed painted to navy color, chalkboard decoration and DIY campfire, wish I was a little boy!

retro cowboy bedroom

vintage boy bedrrom

DIY campfire

Vintage furniture repurposed like hoolaboola
Antique bed, vintage school chair, old table, retro poster on the wall - mysterious objects which saw a lot, full of stories and history...even better if they are belonging to your family since forever

vintage kids room

Touch of retro - don't be too serious!
Great wallpaper from onszelf

vintage kids wallpaper

And now time to browse Etsy from some vintage kids bedroom treasure!

orsa maggiore
orsa maggiore
Max Vintage

Let me know if you found it useful!

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