Vintage Christmas Gifts for Women

I was collecting some gift ideas for guys recently so now let's see what the ladies want for Christmas!

Vintage Christmas gift ideas for your wife, girlfriend, mom, grandma, mother-in-law, sister, daughter... and don't forget about the hostess!

Women are more complicated, they know probably too much what they want...but they want so many things and they are speaking about it all the time, so probably all we have to do is just listen to them carefully...

What I wrote last time regarding the guys is valid even for the girls - if you have no clear idea what to give, I would consider a few smaller gifts, kind of a collection of cute small things she might like so your chances are higher to make her happy

Where/How is she spending her free-time?
You can find her more likely in front of the fireplace with a good book, sipping a cup of tea or in a crowded bar in front of the jukebox sipping a cocktail?

She likes to relax at home
Surprise her with something cozy!

Christmas gift vintage velvet robe
vintage velvet robe
vintage book collection
vintage book collection

She is more out-going
Surprise her with something stylish!

gift for her vintage leather bag clutch
leather clutch

Gifts for the home
You can make a lot of girl very happy with some lovely vintage home decor item, but be careful - make sure that she is not the type of girl who prefers gifts for herself and not for her home

white glass lamp
caterineholm pottery bowl gift
cathrineholm bowl
vintage brass figurines christmas gift
brass figurines

Christmas themed gifts
If you don't really know her a vintage Christmas themed gift could be also a good idea

christmas gift for hostess vintage ornaments
vintage ornaments
christmas gift for wife vintage pullover sweater
lambswool statement sweater
vintage gift for her christmas tree brooch
christmas tree brooch

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