VINTAGE HOLIDAYS - Antique Style Christmas Dinner

After the Retro Halloween and Shabby Chic Thanksgiving, this time I was collecting some interesting ideas how to decorate our home for a Christmas dinner in a vintage way.

I would do an elegant white and gold "Antique style Christmas Dinner", as usual I was collecting some inspiring pictures and great vintage finds from Etsy

If I manage, I would like to post a few pictures of the Christmas decor of our home and other places I will visit during the Holidays (yes, my future-in-laws for sure :)

Antique style Christmas Dinner

What is more chic than gold and white together? And it's so easy, all you need is a white base, let's say a beautiful old linen tablecloth, than just mix antique and modern, like antique silverware and modern glasses, and give it a unique taste with some interesting (inexpensive) details as cotton branches in a vase, lavender flowers in the drinks or white porcelain tableware hanging from the chandeliers

antique white christmas table

white and gold table setting

vintage christmas cocktails

gold vintage glasses christmas

white christmas table

white christmas decoration

White and gold Etsy finds

Orsa Maggiore Vintage
orsa maggiore

Let me know if you liked it!

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