ANTIQUE LACE SHAWL - vintage bridal veil from the Napolean era

I wanted to show you this gorgeous antique lace shawl what I happened to see the other day
Besides the fact that it's a truly breathtaking antique lace wedding veil, it has a pretty interesting story as well

1800s antique lace bridal veil

It belongs to a lovely a lady, a friend of my future mother-in-law, who is a proud descendant of a noble Italian family. 

All the female members of her family wore it on their big day together with other antique bridal accessories. 

The lace shawl is in their family since the early 1800s, and according the family legend it used to belong to one of the lady-of-waitings of Napoleon's wife (either Marie Louise, Duchess of Parma or  Jos├ęphine de Beauharnais). Not bad, hm? What is the oldest thing you have in your family?

So it dates back at least to the early 1800s, probably even earlier and now it's for sale, this is why she showed it to me. Let me know if you know someone who could be interested :)

Napoleon era lace shawl
antique lace wedding shawl
wonderful detailed hand-made vintage lace
breathtaking antique lace shawl Napoleon era 1800s
vintage lace long wedding veil shawl

Let me know if you liked it!

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  1. Is this still available? What is your asking price or what did it sell for? It is an absolutely beautiful story. I can see this on my daughter-in-law. She and my son, a Marine, had a small quick wedding after he got back from his first deployment. They want to do another ceremony - He wants her to have a real wedding so she can have a beautiful gown and flowers and everything. I think it's sweet that he wants this for her.