What could make a rainy, cold Monday a bit happier if not a vintage fairy tale and some nice pictures of beautiful vintage leather handbags

The Hermès Kelly bag is probably the most emblematic purse of the 60s made popular by grace Kelly and Jacqueline Bouvier Onassis

Keep on reading for the story and the Kelly bags currently on sale at the Orsa Maggiore Vintage Shop

"Hollywood’s most precious princess, Grace Kelly, has been the not-so-unofficial muse behind the Hermès Kelly Bag. And did you know the reason why the Hermès handbag received so much attention when Grace Kelly went out and about? She was attempting to hide her “baby bump” with her Hermès bag — which was photographed and adored by the public" 
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"The Kelly is a trapezoid-shaped bag, comfortable, with a hard bottom and a closing system with straps. This "passé-partout" bag can be put down on the ground thanks to the four feet that protect its bottom part. Sober and little inclined to be rested on knees, it’s perfect for travelling. After all, the first version was covered in morocco leather, like a travel bag, and it has, even today, a lock to close it with a key. The beginnings, therefore, are not particularly luxurious for this bag that will later become a classic of timeless luxury. It was not until a princess and a photo published by Life magazine in 1956 that the fate of the Kelly bag changed. It is said that Grace Kelly, then Princess of Monaco, tried to hide the roundness of her pregnancy behind this great model of Hermès handbag. What is not said, however, is that the Princess had ordered half a dozen of them: in black leather, honey-coloured, brown, Hermès red, and dark green.That picture had a huge impact."
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And now let me proudly introduce the latest additions to the Orsa Maggiore Vintage Shop, two beautiful vintage Italian Kelly-style handbags from the 60s

The smaller black one is real lizard skin while the larger brown one is real leather, both from the first, owner (the same lady who inherited the antique lace shawl I've posted the other day) both in perfect condition, rarely and carefully used

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